Glacier Flex Non-QM Loan Program

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ARE YOU turning away business that doesn’t qualify for agency loans?

Now you can say “YES” more often — and monetize more deals — with the Glacier Flex Non-QM Loan Program.

See Glacier Flex Guidelines (.pdf)

Non-QM Loan Flyer

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This is a NICHE product with more lenient credit criteria that you won’t find elsewhere. Take a look:

  • Jumbo loan amounts:
    • $1,500,000 to 90% LTV
    • $2,500,000 to 85% LTV
  • Credit scores as low as 620
  • Flexible credit standards: 36 months of seasoning from foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, or deed in lieu
  • Alternative income doc: bank statement programs for self-employed borrowers
  • Non-warrantable condos considered
  • Owner-occupied and second home only (for investment properties, check out our Glacier investment property loan program)
  • 30 year fixed and 5/1 ARM terms (Interest-only loans available on 5/1)

See the full loan program guidelines here:
Glacier Flex Non-QM Loan Program Guidelines

Who is Glacier Flex for?

Glacier Flex is ideal for:

  • Self-employed borrowers who need to use bank statements to establish incomes
  • Creditworthy borrowers with relatively recent negative credit events
  • Borrowing for non-warrantable condos

How does Glacier Flex compare to our Denali Non-QM program?

Glacier Flex is an alt-doc program that makes it easier for borrowers to qualify. Denali allows for higher LTVs and better pricing, but it is a full-doc program. Read more about the Denali Jumbo & Non-QM Loan Program.

For more information

For more information, call the Newfi Wholesale team at 888-415-1620.

See Glacier Flex Guidelines (.pdf)

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