Three Ways to 95% CLTV

Newfi Wholesale Products, Why We're Great

Newfi Wholesale gives you 3 great ways to help your borrowers reach 95% CLTV!

Option 1) Denali Non-QM & Jumbo

  • 95% LTV up to $1.5 million with no MI
  • 40-year fixed including a 10 year interest-only period
  • See details

95% LTV Wholesale Mortgages

Click Here for a PDF of the “3 Ways to 95% CLTV” Flyer

Option 2) Olympic 1st/2nd Piggyback Combo

  • 95% CLTV
  • High-balance conforming first
  • $250K fixed rate second
  • See details

Option 3) Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Conforming

  • 95% LTV
  • Conforming and high balance
  • Borrower-paid or lender-paid MI
  • DU or LP

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