Low Rates for High Balance Mortgages

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Our Biscayne fully-delegated jumbo loan program can now be underwritten to AUS findings for conforming high-balance loans!

With our new guidelines, agency high-balance loans may be underwritten to the AUS findings and submitted to our aggressively-priced, fully-delegated Biscayne jumbo loan program!

What are the overlays for agency high-balance loans?

  • Agency high balance loans must have approve eligible findings
  • No Property Inspection Waiver (PIW) allowed.
    • Full appraisal required
    • Field review required for property values of $1+ million with LTV/CLTV greater than 75%
  • Max 80% LTV
  • Maximum DTI of 43%
  • 30 year fixed rate only
  • High Balance loan must follow Biscayne loan amount & LTV matrix
  • Reserve requirement will follow AUS findings
  • DU or LP findings are acceptable

What’s special about the Biscayne Jumbo loan program?

  • Fully delegated for fast closing — no investor-added conditions or timelines
  • Very aggressively priced
  • Qualify with RSU income

Read all about the Biscayne Delegated Jumbo Loan Program and get the latest guidelines.

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