Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Tough Loans to Newfi Wholesale

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM, Why We're Great

Do you have a loan that’s tough to get approved? Send your loan to Newfi Wholesale, where we have a plethora of non-QM programs to help you get your loan closed:

  1. Interest Only. Fixed rate, 40-year loans with the first 10 years making interest only payments, and then 30 years of full PITI
  2. Pre-approvals to ensure your borrowers are well equipped when submitting their offer.
  3. Bank statements with 12 month or 24 month programs
  4. Asset depletion translated into qualifying income for your borrower. Simply divide assets over 120 months. Every $100,000 = $833.33 per month.
  5. Guideline exceptions made in-house.
  6. High LTV cash out. 95% owner-occupied, 85% non-owner occupied
  7. LLCs OK. Close in an LLC with Newfi Wholesale’s Glacier Non-QM program.
  8. RSU income used for qualifying purposes
  9. Credit events. Foreclosure, short-sale, deed-in-lieu seasoning from 3 yr on owner occupied and 1 day on non-owner occupied
  10. Mix-and-match qualification methods in a single transactions. Use bank statement for self-employed, asset depletion and full doc on employed borrower.
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