Make Sense Lending is Back

Newfi Wholesale Products

Newfi Wholesale works hard to make sure we have the solutions that fit your needs:

  • Sequoia Portfolio Plus offers flexible in-house exceptions and only 4 years seasoning on BK and foreclosure.
  • 95% CLTV Purchase with our Olympic Piggyback – down payment can come from all gift funds.
  • Biscayne Jumbo is your pick for loans up to $3 million. Fully delegated and 70% value of retirement accounts can be used as reserves. It’s Newfi’s best-priced jumbo.
  • For a Jumbo with a non-occupant co-borrower, see Sequoia Portfolio Plus
  • Payment relief – use our 40-year fixed with a 10-year Interest-Only. This is available on both Sequoia Portfolio Plus and Denali
  • Ratios too high? Just use asset depletion to bring in additional income. Our Sequoia Portfolio Plus only requires you to divide the asset over 10 years. $200,000 in asset = $1,666 additional monthly income.
  • Only three years seasoning requirement on BK or foreclosure, with LTVs up to 95%, see Denali
  • No limit on amount of cash out, see Denali
  • Bank statements used to calculate income, allowed on Sequoia and Glacier

Ask your account executive to assist you in running your scenario, packaging your loan and finding the very best product to fit your borrowers needs.

We’re here to help you!