Having Trouble Qualifying Self-Employed Borrower?

Newfi Wholesale Products

Tired of saying No? Newfi’s own Sequoia Portfolio Plus will help you say YES! Call your turndowns and tell them you have the loan program that could let them close now!

Sequoia will let you CHECK all the boxes.

  • One-year income for self-employed and W-2 – Check!
  • Personal and Business banks statement loans that really close – Check!
  • Simple Asset Depletion – Check!
  • Missed the matrix and now you need an UW exception? – Check!
  • 40 YR Interest Only – Check!
  • Credit score 660 and down to 640 with exception – Check!
  • Expanded LTV and credit depth – Check!
  • Non-Arm’s length consideration – Check!

Sequoia was created by Newfi and is only offered to our approved brokers. You now have access to one of the best non-QM product in the market.

Call your borrowers who you told no, and help tell them YES! Don’t wait for deals. Call borrowers you already know because you now have a product that can help them.

Call your account manager now and discuss scenarios.