Advanced Broker Toolkit: Portfolio Asset Depletion Income

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Newfi is always looking to help you benefit from using our Sequoia Portfolio Plus program. Did you know that Sequoia offers one of THE EASIEST Asset Depletion calculation methods in the industry?

With Sequoia’s Asset Depletion program you can use funds held in checking, savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or retirement accounts. By simply taking the total amount of eligible assets and dividing by 120 months, we’re able to add $833 per month to your borrowers income for every $100k in assets.

Sequoia features in-house underwriting, so we can make faster decisions without investor delays.

Here are some other highlights of Newfi’s recent guideline expansions:

  • 12- or 24-month bank statement documentation on jumbo loans up to $2.5 million, personal or business bank statements accepted
  • No minimum trade line requirement with 3 credit scores,
  • LTV < 75% and 24 month housing payment history.
  • 40-year Interest-Only options
  • VRBO / AirBnB rentals allowed
  • Full Doc LTV increased to 90% for Owner Occupied
  • Full Doc LTV increased to 80% for Non-Owner Occupied
  • Credit Scores as low as 660, with exceptions down to 640
  • Revolving accounts paid off to qualify – no need to close the account
  • Expanded allowable Non Arms-Length purchase transactions
  • Good option for borrowers with high ratios that can be alleviated by an aggressive Asset Depletion guideline.
  • Ideal for borrowers who need make-sense exceptions



WEBINAR: Market and Grow Non-QM Business

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