Newfi’s Diverse Product Line

Newfi Wholesale Products

As we enter 2019, we’re excited to grow with our brokers on a number of our product offerings. Newfi offers a wide range of options, including:


  • Sequoia Portfolio Plus has all credit decisions and exceptions made by Newfi underwriters who know the guidelines front and back. This makes for flexible qualifications and faster approvals.
  • Sequoia Portfolio Expanded builds on those features, offering higher LTV limits, lower credit scores and shorter recovery time between major credit events.
  • Sequoia Investor Pro is designed for borrowers who have an investment property portfolio and need alternative means to qualify for a loan. Investor Pro requires no verification of income, employment or reserves.

2-1 Buydown

Newfi’s temporary buydown program allows borrowers to utilize seller/builder concessions to buy down the payment amount for the first 1 or 2 years. By providing payment relief on their new home, borrowers have more options when it comes to where they spend their money. Interested party contribution limitations apply.


Biscayne is Newfi’s “Vanilla Jumbo”, and offers our best pricing and a fast closing. It is fully-delegated, meaning you won’t have investor-added conditions or timelines. Borrow up to $3 million with high LTVs.

High Balance Cash-Out

Biscayne is also an industry leader in pricing on its high balance cash out loans, offering no pricing adjustment for low-LTV cash-out 60% or below.

Piggybacks (First and Second Combos)

Olympic 1st and 2nd Piggyback Combo helps borrowers obtain up to 95% CLTV on jumbo loan amounts while retaining lower agency pricing on the first mortgage.

Government Loans

We provide FHA loans combining low rates, low down payments, and more flexible credit qualifications.