Payment Relief: 40-Year Term, 10 Year Initial IO on Sequoia

Do you have borrowers looking for lower initial payments? Newfi’s Sequoia offers a 10-year Interest-Only period at the start of a 40-year term. This gives payment relief while locking in today’s low rates for entire 40 year term, eliminating uncertainty when adjusting from IO to P&I payment.

It’s easier to qualify than most IO loans, because of its 40-year term. Underwriting decisions are done in-house with exceptions available.


  • Loan amounts up $2.5 million
  • 4 year seasoning for bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale or deed in lieu
  • Purchase, refinance, and cash out
  • 85% Max LTV on IO;  90%  for fully amortized loans
  • DTI up to 55%
  • Credit scores as low as 660
  • Owner-occupied, second homes and investment properties
  • Cash Out available on investment properties
  • Self-employed allowed

Along with Newfi’s excellent service level, you will also find strong pricing. Contact your rep to get started!