Find Details on Your Newfi Products on This Simple Matrix

Newfi Wholesale Products

Newfi is always striving to share our product information as clearly as possible. We have put together this handy product matrix, so you have an at-a-glance reference for some of the most commonly-asked questions about our popular products. Download and print a copy of this matrix here!

Submit your 12- or 24-Month Bank Statements to Newfi’s Bank Statement Desk

Newfi Wholesale Products

We understand that processing bank statement loans can have its challenges. At Newfi Wholesale, we are here to help! Submit your 12 or 24 month statements to our Bank Statement Desk PRIOR to your loan submission to Newfi. We will review your bank statements, and determine the gross deposits that we will consider in the income calculation. Final income determination will be …

Self-Employed Borrowers Haven’t Filed Their 2018 Taxes?

Newfi Wholesale Products

Do you need to take advantage of your self-employed borrowers 2018 income but they haven’t filed their taxes yet? No problem! With Newfi’s Sequoia CPA program your borrower can qualify using a CPA prepared P&L covering the last 12 months. It’s super easy, here’s how it works. Self-employed borrowers only Minimum 2 years in current profession and minimum 50% ownership …

Qualify Self Employed with CPA-Prepared P&L

Newfi Wholesale Products

Sequoia CPA allows self employed borrowers to qualify their income based on a CPA prepared P&L over a 12 month period. Tax returns not required! Qualify using CPA prepared P&L covering the past 12 months Loan amounts up to $2,000,000 on purchase and R&T transactions Cash out loan amounts to $1,500,000 with up to $1,000,000 cash to borrower 4 years …

Newfi Wholesale Product Gallery

Newfi Wholesale Products

Newfi Wholesale offers a variety of products to fit borrowers’ needs. With in-house decision-making and innovative options, look no further than Newfi Wholesale. SEQUOIA PORTFOLIO PLUS With Sequoia, we make all credit decisions and exceptions in house, providing flexible qualification and faster approvals. Option for 40-year fixed rate term with 10-year IO Borrow up to $2.5 million Smart asset depletion …

Qualify Using Bank Statements with No P&L

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM, Products

Did you know you can qualify a borrower using business bank statements with no P&L? Simply apply a fixed expense ratio based on the size and type of business. Learn more about using our Sequoia Portfolio bank statement programs. Expense Ratio for Bank Statement Income Calculations Number of Employees 0 1-5 > 5 Service Business 20% 40% 60% Product Business …

Newfi’s Diverse Product Line

Newfi Wholesale Products

As we enter 2019, we’re excited to grow with our brokers on a number of our product offerings. Newfi offers a wide range of options, including: Non-QM Sequoia Portfolio Plus has all credit decisions and exceptions made by Newfi underwriters who know the guidelines front and back. This makes for flexible qualifications and faster approvals. Sequoia Portfolio Expanded builds on those …

Get the confidence of a fixed-rate with a temporary buydown

Newfi Wholesale Products

Newfi’s temporary buydown program allows borrowers to utilize seller/builder concessions* to buy down the payment amount for the first 1 or 2 years. By providing payment relief on their new home, borrowers have more options when it comes to where they spend their money. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Conforming, High Balance and FHA products Fixed Rate only Purchase transactions of primary residence …

No Price Adjustment for Cash Out on High Balance Loans

Newfi Wholesale Jumbos, Products

Newfi Wholesale’s Biscayne High Balance loan program has no adjustments for cash out if LTV is 60% or below. Cash out adjustments do apply for 60.01-75% LTV. Make Newfi your first stop for low-LTV, high-balance cash out loans … we are blowing away agency pricing. Biscayne High Balance highlights include: Min Loan $453,100 Max loan is agency high balance limit …

Newfi’s Biscayne High Balance Cash-Out Topping Pricing in LoanSifter

Newfi Wholesale Products

Newfi is tops in the country on its fully-delegated Biscayne high-balance cash-out on LoanSifter. Check out these results for this $650k loan on a $1 million property (Owner Occupied, 720 credit full doc cash out refi). The Newfi Biscayne family offers loans that feature: 90% Max LTV $3M Max Loan Amount 2nd Home / Non-Owner Allowed 680 Minimum Credit Score Interest-Only ARMs Available Fully …