Newfi Wholesale’s Scenario Submission Simplifies and Streamlines

Newfi Wholesale’s Submit a Scenario feature is a simple and fast way to to find the best product fit for your borrowers. Conveniently located at the top of our website, Submit a Scenario guides you through a webform to collect basic information about your unique loan. Along with the regular data fields, there is space to share compensating factors, and …

Introducing Sequoia Portfolio Plus

See Sequoia Guidelines (.pdf) Click here for the Sequoia flyer (.pdf) As a portfolio product, we can make exceptions to many of these criteria, provided there are compensating factors in reserves, income, or other areas. All kinds of borrowers are suitable for Sequoia, but you may find the most success with difficult-to-qualify borrowers like: Borrowers should have strong credit and …

How to run DU in the Newfi Wholesale portal

At Newfi Wholesale, we’re constantly adding new features to make your life easier. We’re now providing a variety of flexible options for DU and credit report handling, allowing you the choice to: Note that these options are specific to FNMA conforming loans. For FHLMC loans, Newfi Wholesale can run LP for you using a reissued credit report from an approved vendor, …

Three Ways to Great Jumbo Loans

Newfi Wholesale gives you 3 great jumbo loan options for all kinds of borrowers! Click Here for a PDF of the “3 Ways to Jumbo” Flyer Call your Regional Account Manager or call the Newfi Wholesale team at 888‑415‑1620!

Newfi Lending Reaches $1 Billion in Mortgage Originations

Our company reached this milestone just 24 months after we launched lending operations in April 2015. The $1 billion is a combined result of our wholesale and direct-to-consumer lending operations. Newfi Lending now conducts wholesale lending in 9 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Utah, and Washington. We have received licensing approval for 16 states and we …

Newfi Wholesale Offers 21 Day Closing

If you thought 25 days was fast, we’re now doing 21 days closings on: Here are the requirements: Some restrictions apply. To learn more about our 21-day or 25-day closing, contact Newfi Wholesale Support at 888-415-1620 or your Account Manager.

Three Ways to 95% CLTV

Newfi Wholesale gives you 3 great ways to help your borrowers reach 95% CLTV! Click Here for a PDF of the “3 Ways to 95% CLTV” Flyer Call your Regional Account Manager or call the Newfi Wholesale team at 888‑415‑1620!

Join the Royal Blu Club Incentive Program

Newfi Wholesale is now making it easier to qualify for our 10 bps Royal Blu pricing incentive! To reward our most loyal customers, we created the Royal Blu Club, which rewards you with a 10 bps pricing enhancement on all first mortgage loan products. Now we’ve made it easier than ever to qualify. Here’s all you have to do: And …

NEW! 95% CLTV Piggyback

Borrowers who use Newfi Wholesale’s 95% CLTV Piggyback can obtain jumbo loan amounts with an even lower down payment — while still getting agency pricing. * High balance conforming in major metropolitan counties only See our program guidelines and our flyer, or call the Newfi Wholesale team at 888-415-1620!