Pinnacles Non-QM

With the Pinnacles program, Newfi continues to support brokers with Non-QM products.


With Pinnacles Non-QM, Newfi offers multiple qualification options.

  • 5/1 ARMs with an IO option
  • Purchase, Rate and Term & Cash Out transaction types
  • Primary, Second home & Investment properties
  • Loan amounts up to $2 million
  • 680 minimum credit score
  • Up to 50% DTI
  • No seasoning requirements for refinances: R/T & Cash Out
  • Documentation types include 12 & 24 month bank
    statements, asset depletion, 1 or 2 years full doc & 1099
  • Bank statement and 1099 on all occupancy types
  • First time home buyers allowed on all documentation types
  • Asset depletion may be used on a stand alone basis or in
    combination w/all documentation types
  • 12 month seasoning from major credit event
  • Borrowers are allowed up to 15 financed properties
    including subject – unlimited properties if purchasing
    primary residence
  • Gift funds are allowed

See Guidelines (.pdf)    

Say YES when others say NO with Pinnacles Non-QM!

 Flexible Qualification

We control all underwriting, so we can tailor loans up to $2 million to a borrower’s unique income and asset circumstances.

 Live Scenario Desk

Our lending specialists are on tap to quickly price scenarios and identify ways to qualify, making same-day exception decisions after loan submission.

 Competitive Rates

Even when borrowers have complicated credit situations, we strive to keep rates among the lowest in the market.

What kind of borrowers are well-suited for Pinnacles Non-QM?

Pinnacles is especially good for using asset depletion income – one of THE EASIEST calculation methods in the industry!

Income calculation can use funds coming from checking, savings stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, with $100k minimum needed to qualify as income.

This simple formula equates to $833 per month in income per $100k in assets.

All kinds of borrowers are suitable for Pinnacles, but you may find the most success with difficult-to-qualify borrowers like:

  • Those needing payment relief, so a 5/1 or 7/1 ARM with a 10-Yr Interest-Only is the answer
  • Those with high ratios that can be alleviated by aggressive Asset Depletion guides
  • Conforming or Jumbo loan amounts
  • Full Doc or Bank Statement qualification

Borrowers should have strong credit and personal financial strength to qualify for the best rates.

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