NEW! Non-QM Step-Up Mortgage

Newfi Wholesale is leading the industry in innovative Non-QM products that help to address mortgage payment affordability. Introducing our proprietary Step-Up Mortgage!

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Pinnacles Step-Up Mortgage

A unique Non-QM solution that gives borrowers lower initial payments and the security of a fixed rate.

  • Lower Initial Payments, Increasing 5% Each Year
  • 30-Year Fixed
  • Qualify Using 25-Year Amortization
  • Full Doc, 1 or 2 Year Bank Statements
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Credit Scores As Low as 660
  • Primary Residences Only
  • Loan Amounts Up To $3M (Jumbo Loan Amounts Only in CA)
  • Available in AZ, CA, FL & TX
    (Texas 50(a)(6) not eligible)

See Guidelines for Pinnacles Step-Up (PDF)

What is a Step-Up Mortgage?

A Step-Up Mortgage is a type of fixed-rate mortgage where payments start at a lower base level and then increase annually at a set rate until the beginning of the 6th year, when payments level out based on the remaining principal balance.

Who Benefits From A Step-Up Mortgage?

The Step-Up Mortgage solution is perfect for any borrower who is considering a Non-QM mortgage loan that qualifies either with full doc or with bank statement income. It allows these borrowers to access lower initial payments to help relieve mortgage payment stress on families.

Example of a Step-Up Mortgage Schedule

Based on a Pinnacles Step-Up Mortgage at 7.500% Rate / 7.575% APR . Savings in the first year is compared to 30-Year Fixed Sequoia at 6.875% Rate, 6.945% APR. Unpaid Interest of the Step-Up Mortgage is added to the principal.

Pinnacles Step-Up Mortgage Calculator

Run your scenario today and see the payment schedule!

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