Newfi Prioritizes Making it Simple for Brokers

Newfi Wholesale prioritizes making it simple. We know you have options, and we value all of the brokers who work with us.

Our reputation in the industry often focuses on our proprietary Non-QM products, and our innovation in crafting unique product guidelines. But Newfi doesn’t stop there.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways we make it easy for brokers.

  • Great customer service – both online and with an inside sales support team. Once loans come in, brokers can use the BLU broker portal, and work with your Newfi team to keep files moving through the system.
  • Pricing is available on LoanSifter and Optimal Blue.
  • We have a live scenario desk, and opportunities to communicate directly with your underwriter.
  • There is no traditional retail channel, so Newfi will not solicit your borrowers


  • Our Non-QM pricing and scenario tool saves time and helps brokers get questions answered before submission
  • Our bank statement desk helps pre-qualify income for programs that allow bank statement documentation
  • We make all credit decisions and exceptions in house, providing flexible qualification and faster approvals
  • DSCR and No Ratio programs for investment properties
  • 12- and 24-month bank statement program
  • Option for 40-year fixed rate term with 10-year IO

Jumbo, Agency, FHA

  • Agency – no overlays other than no manufactured homes
  • Jumbos – competitive price with free appraisals (Newfi will order and pay for the cost of one appraisal on the subject property – appraisal transfers are not eligible); borrow up to $3 million; Condos and Multifamily properties allowed.
  • FHA competitive pricing – no overlays – Manual underwrite OK to 580 credit score

Make sure you’re taking advantage of these great options. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your rep, or email them today.