No Reserves Needed on Jumbo Refis

Newfi Wholesale Jumbos

Newfi’s Sequoia Portfolio Plus offers jumbo refi and cash-out with no reserve requirement. Loans would need to meet the following criteria: Rate & Term refinance with DTI of 43% or less and have a qualifying payment lower than current payment. All other non-subject property reserve requirements remain. Cash-out refinance with DTI of 43% or less and either PITI is lower …

Qualify More Self-Employed Borrowers

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Newfi continues to innovate for self-employed borrowers. With our Sequoia Portfolio Plus and Expanded programs you have two different options for calculating the net qualifying income from your borrowers business bank statements: Fixed Expense Ratio – This is the quickest and easiest calculation. Simply add up the total business deposits and apply a fixed expense ratio, based on the type and size of …

No Price Adjustment for Cash Out on High Balance Loans

Newfi Wholesale Jumbos, Products

Newfi Wholesale’s Biscayne High Balance loan program has no adjustments for cash out if LTV is 60% or below. Cash out adjustments do apply for 60.01-75% LTV. Make Newfi your first stop for low-LTV, high-balance cash out loans … we are blowing away agency pricing. Biscayne High Balance highlights include: Min Loan $453,100 Max loan is agency high balance limit …

In-House Investor Pro: NIV, NEV, NAV.

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Remember the NIV/NAV loans? Sequoia Investor Pro is incredibly flexible, underwritten in-house, and requires no income, employment or asset verification*. This terrific NOO option is a NIV NEV NAV, and is making headway in the marketplace. Newfi Wholesale has created one of the easiest methods of qualification for your investor clients. With Sequoia Investor Pro you have two options: qualify based …

Easy Bank Statement Qualification – Sequoia Portfolio Plus and Expanded

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

You can qualify more self-employed borrowers using our Sequoia Portfolio bank statement programs. This is an excellent opportunity to review your pipeline of borrowers who were not previously able to qualify with a full doc, and breathe new life into those deals. Here are some highlights: Personal bank statements – Use 100% of employment related deposits with no additional expense …

Convert borrower assets into qualifying income with Sequoia Portfolio Plus

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Newfi offers one of THE EASIEST Asset Depletion calculation methods in the industry with its Sequoia Portfolio Plus Non-QM program. Eligible funds can be held in checking, savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or retirement accounts. To calculate, take the total amount of eligible assets, divide by 120 months and add the result to the “other income” section of your 1003 – it’s …

Newfi’s Biscayne High Balance Cash-Out Topping Pricing in LoanSifter

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Newfi is tops in the country on its fully-delegated Biscayne high-balance cash-out on LoanSifter. Check out these results for this $650k loan on a $1 million property (Owner Occupied, 720 credit full doc cash out refi). The Newfi Biscayne family offers loans that feature: 90% Max LTV $3M Max Loan Amount 2nd Home / Non-Owner Allowed 680 Minimum Credit Score Interest-Only ARMs Available Fully …

Sequoia Investor Pro: Qualify with no income, employment or reserve disclosure

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Investors can qualify for Sequoia Investor Pro with no income or employment disclosure and no reserve requirement. There are two ways for borrowers to qualify: Debt Service Coverage Ratio (Gross Rent/PITI) >= 1.15; or No Ratio (not using subject property rent to qualify). This proprietary program is available in 3/1 and 5/1 ARMs, and has an Interest-Only option available. Cash to close must be verified …

Market and Grow Non-QM Business

Newfi Wholesale Webinars

Watch Newfi’s webinar on how to market and grow Non-QM business. Learn more about our Sequoia Portfolio Non-QM products!

New Product Alert – No Investor Approval Required!

Newfi Wholesale Non-QM

Newfi is excited to announce the addition of a new proprietary Non-QM product called Sequoia Portfolio Expanded. Sequoia Portfolio Expanded has all the great features of the Sequoia Portfolio Plus, as well as higher LTV limits, lower credit scores and shorter recovery time between major credit events. Borrow up to $2.5 million Multiple options to meet tradeline requirements 3-year seasoning for …